Monday, October 08, 2012

Primary Research Packets

The Common Core Standards, along with 21st Century Skills require that children are more active in their own learning. There are frequent references made to students learning to conduct research projects at various grade levels. Some grades add “with guidance and support” but each grade is challenged with developing lessons that incorporate “gathering information”, “project-based questions”, “using multiple sources for relevant information” and “sort and present information learned”. Children are naturally inquisitive and educators should grasp that opportunity for learning by developing “short research projects that build knowledge about a topic”.

The primary research packets were developed to aid children in “learning to learn” and is based upon Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives. You may choose to use one page, several pages or the entire packet to meet the needs of the children in your class. Challenge your high learners with the entire packet or support lower level learners with basic skills by utilizing just a few of the pages. The research packets can be used by the entire class as a shared project, by a small collaborative group or each child in your class could complete the packet individually.

The following packets are now available on Teachers Pay Teachers:

Pumpkin Research

Apple Research

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